When Life Gives You Lemons….

There’s a lot that has been occurring celestially,  and therefore, reflected in our human experience in these bodies.

When we are going through the trials of the human experience it is imperative to look at the source of all that has created it: Oneself.

We see the troubles in the world, the troubles in our own lives and so easily we want to look at it as if something has happened to us. Neglecting the simple truth that we are the creators of our own existence.

This is an age old/new age concept but so easily misconceived as though we might only be willing to take responsibility for the so called good things that happen with us, while wanting to blame another for that feeling or emotion that has so inconveniently been offered to us in a moment.

Know, that from the very bottom of my heart I send to the world the compassion of love and light, and yet… the hope that we shall all prevail some times gets to be so meaningless and mundane.

Have we looked around and seen all the goodness that matches or prevails the bad? Have we really taken account for all that we see in front of our eyes as that which has its beginning within? Afterall…we are made of stardust.

We are the stars, all the universe inside these small human bodies…but are we small? What a miracle it is to be given life on this planet in such a time; and furthermore, life with the awareness of the consciousness of whence we came.

There is only One here and s/he is the Creator of Life. S/he is the Goddess thst resides within each of us.  S/he is the one who gave to us this physical presence and all the love we might a experience herein. Yes, Her compliment be it Father has created the blueprint of all that we are; but she? She has been so long forgotten in our very awareness that a female is oftentimes looked down upon as a major degradation to the development of mankind.

So as we continue along this journey of enlightenment and find ourselves wondering WHYYY!!!? Remember:

When life gives you lemons…make an apple pie. Do whatever the heaven you want to do with it! Cause this is your Creation and your eyes have the power to see everything you wish to create and be.

Nothing is ever as complicated or as out of reach as it seems and with the spirit of awareness, everything can happen and anything is possible.

As we look into the sky and see those twinkling stars shine down on us, wondering what is so captivating in that twinkle? Contemplating what message is being reflected into our superconsciousness that we sense is profound, yet so utterly confusing? …it is really us, and those stars are our family telling us all is well and in Divine order.

Those stars are the very lemon essence (that hidden twang of goodness in a traditional family recipe) of what makes an apple pie so darn delicious (annnd a little bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and a tablespoon of lemon juice ūüėČ ) The wonder, the excitement, the twinkle that moves our attention into something so unfathomably greater than our own self that we can relax into the selfless wander for just a moment as we mellow into the seat of our very own universe(s). 

Relax. Breathe. And Create. In your mistakes are something so purposely beautiful that the eyes of the Creator sees only a necessary manifestation.

All is in Divine Order and in Alignment with your Divine Plan and Purpose.

Be Well ‚ô°‚ô°‚ô°


Motivating Self Love

An Elevated Level of Self Love is about focusing on One’s own Essence. When there’s a recognition in the Nature in All That Is this Essence is Unconditional Allowing the frequency of presence to create the conditions of what is experienced. When you realize that it is an aspect of your Core Essence to exist in complete Ecstacy in alignment with One’s own intended experience, it is helpful to release the Ego’s attempt to force to control. It is the Mind that Creates the Illusions which are based in doubt and fear; where Love constantly Creates Paths that are for the purpose of assisting One in releasing thought patterns. From the developing Calm of Your Presence, you are unfolding the Infinite path of gentle Blessings in realizing your Greatest Dreams.

Always in One Heart,
Universal Brothers and Sisters Circle


Succubus-to-LadyOfLight (transitions & growth spurts)

Interesting what comes to light after a couple days trying to be all big bad n almighty self without my whole self. Mmhmm.

The Revelation
In my former reality (the one I rebuked to follow the Narrow Path) I related to everyone on the lower chakral levels. Always in my sexuality, using and abusing my Power,  and stealing others’ glory while utilizing their own lesser essence against them. Heehee!
It’s amazing the mastery of the lower realms I accomplished at such a ‘young’ age.
So… imagine the shift coming from mastering the lower energies in a mm ‘sinful’ and undisciplined way, to now utilizing my energies in a more disciplined and focused manner. Yeah, it’s been painful to say the least. But it gets easier.

So it’s been coming in through short spurts of light information as I clear impurities from my yoni and face, that all these beings from my former reality attempt to latch on to me in my lower chakras, even now.
Well this, I realize, happens when I am unfocused in my high heart, throat, brow, crown chakras! Duh…. gotta discipline the lower to master my higher…that’s my path.

So I’m standing here releasing and clearing impurities from my yoni and It comes to me yet again, my former minions trying to get back into my Now reality to feed or be fed. Sigh…oh!
“Well, duh!” I Say To Myself.
They only relate to me in my sex centers &/or physical appearance; hence when my attention is on those areas of self, here they come into my awareness scratching at the surface for something more…. just begging for my attention and relatingship. Aha! I think she’s got it!

So thank you, All, for showing yourselves to me repeatedly so I can move into more fully clearing you out.

My my my, the work never ends. I reach one level and immediately a new initiatory sequence begins.

It ain’t easy comin from succubus, then back to an Honorable Lady of Light.

Such is the life
of Jah Magdalene ‚ô°

My Halo won’t always be Crooked ūüėČ

Moon Cycling


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(for the ladies: this post is about honouring the feminine moon cycle¬†where¬†I speak about self love, menstruation, and my personal experiences of such in past few days. Rated PG 13 ūüėČ Open Heart; Open Mind, please)

So here I http://www.pinterest.com/pin/380343131002784232/ & http://tantricalchemy.com/topics/moon-cycleam this week, knocked out of balance and harmony, teter tottering on¬†the edge of insanity while my sacred lover, JzS, won’t let me get away with any bitchassness, or tantrums,¬†and yet he handles me such grace with unwavering patience ‚̧¬†‚̧ ‚̧ Bless His Golden Heart.

See, in our relationship (over 800 miles in physical distance), we practice tantric sexual alchemy which is the essence and life blood of our healthy relationship. It is through the union of our sexual centers that we come together and share in our yin and yang energies, passing, flowing, in, around, and through each of us, strengthening our bond.

It is quite the delicate balance where simple and subtle energies can knock the balance out of harmony if I become distracted or out of focus ( I mention ME, because I’m literally a babe opening her eyes after being birthed from her Mother’s womb)…. So it is of the utmost importance to remain in my sexual centers – focus, balance, harmonize every moment- to support that flow of powerful sacred feminine energy that emanates from me in the love that I AM, and, naturally, yearn to share openly and infinitely with my Divine Lover ‚̧
As we are connected beyond time and space, he feels my imbalances, he knows when I am well or unwell, he can sense¬†any shifts in my subtle body, and so on and so forth… ¬†he is my support system, motivation, and encouragement to keep going through the muddy waters of this enlightenment process. He Knows and I Trust.

As such, we share in sacred moments of divine ecstasy with one another most assuredly, through phone sex. And I’ve gotten pretty good at it, too! Of course it is an act of Self Love that I participate in solo sessions as well, but it is most effective, and fun, when he is with me, vocally present on the phone. These practices allow for the sacred sexual energies to flow from our¬†root chakra, up through each of my chakras, passing through our shared¬†heart space, landing in my third eye, exploding and emanating through my entire being – Him included; crown, down. This the kind of stuff GOD’desses are made out of ūüėČ

As you may sense, the amount of energy released through one of these sessions is extremely potent and healing. It is a most powerful and basic element of my Living nature to utilize this to better function in a harmonious balance, care for business, while loving every moment of me that I can share with my Beloved, and Gaia. It’s not just for us, The Planet requires my balance (alls of our balance) in assistance to the divine ascension into Her rightful place in the heavenly realms.

5th dimensional living is all about harmony ‚̧ Only 1 Commandment: To Love.

So here I am, the day after being in such unprecedented harmony within and I begin my cycle. ‘Thank you Goddess for revealing¬†that my reproductive organs are healthy and that I am able to conceive! Woooh!’
But jeeze, I’m like not a fan of utilizing my healing tools while having this going on. But it is becoming more and more necessary to do so since my cycles are becoming increasingly more powerful, and that RAW power can be¬†a bit much for me to handle at times. “Pussy too powerful for you, eh?” he says (ha ha ha) and he’s right! But this is the tride and true way to harmonize with the Divine Feminine that wishes to burst through me at any given moment.

So I set the bath, lit some candles and decided to enjoy an evening of self love and romance. So wonderful to tend to the Self in such a manner. With a nice hot cup of tea and glass of lemon water, it’s a magnificent method¬†to honour the Body, the Moon, the Cycle, and Water all at once.

Reclaiming my Wise Blood

The reason I am writing this is¬†to share with you ladies the magnificent experience I received while in the bath. As I utilized my healing tools in this safe space that promoted ‘easy clean up’¬†I discovered something magical….

There I am, tool in hand, praising my Self as I look down and see my uterine lining dancing in the water! Quite literally dancing through the water! Ah! Peace and Compassion! All I could do was marvel at the love I was presently sitting. The Love of Me; observing my Self in its purest and most healing form rejoicing in its own life!

It was such beauty, nonjudgmental, characterized beauty. And In those moments I felt completely connected as the Divine Feminine. I felt connected to my Self, this Body, the Moon, Venus, the Water, All Women. It is magestic. And even my words fail to fully contain the moment as it was experienced and am still currently experiencing, in this awesome marvel of Life! (Now, I have yet to give birth to a child, so I am in no way attempting to compare to such a miracle. Congratulations to YOU reading this who has witness and passed through that initiation of womanhood. Brava!)tantric alchemy

So, ladies, as you have reached a point in your path where you enjoy your self and¬†honour self in your own sacred ways, knowing that you are Goddess in a most unique¬†form¬†– honour your moon cycle if you haven’t begun a practice. Women shed the uterine¬†lining for great reason, great purpose that holds so many implications for the divinity that we¬†hold within. We need one Seed to nourish, grow, and feed an entire being of Life within us for 9 months and for years after its birth if we so choose. We have an intuition that is beyond any logic the masculine can comprehend! I mean Come On! Our wombs are the void of Creation. Light (Life) is BIRTHED through our darkness. WoW!

Know The Feminine has been suppressed for far too long, and these are the moments of True Her rebEARTH..

I post this link here once more to offer a perspective on Sacred Menstruation. One that resonates with me well.

Before coming so far along in this path I used to ask why women bled each month, that there must be a more significant reason for this other than our bodies telling us an egg was not fertilized. Just as the Divine would have you, I was offered the downloads/information over a sequence of events for about five months, without seeking for answers.

Enjoy and have a Beautiful, Blessed, & Beloved Cycle¬†‚̧

Yours Truly,

Jah Magdalene


1.5.14 poetic transmission

Wonder wonder how long does the time go?
Slipping through fields I am no longer the one you know.
Daily changes, upgrades and loads
The shifts occurring run through every node
Emotions run wild like a wildebeest in heat
The one way to calm it down
Is focus on the heart beat
One breath at a time
The pulses grow in sensation
Inner wisdom true knowing
There is only one destination

Back to source
The great I Am
Cutting karmic cycles
For the ease of new creation

A breath is all that’s needed
Then the sounds that one speaks
Inhale new life
Exhale the strife
Creates the song of your heart beating

Om in thy Heart
Aum in thine Eye
The Symphony of creation
One breath at a time

consider this the memoirs….


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I need not explain who I am, for my words and experiences should speak for themselves. As we continue to anchor the feminine christed energies, and allow for the Divine to rise within us all, it is needless to say (but I will anyway) that the journey has been long and never dull.

We see the changes everywhere outside of us, from the ways the weather patterns are changing, individuals are questioning the status quo, so many lies are being exposed in the media, bankers arrested, communities uniting, marijuana legalization on the rise….the list can go on… it just goes to show that the logical and rational ways of living in this Golden Age are become tireless and no longer serving to our growing needs.

I see this in myself! Last year I began a sequence of events that would alter my life forever. I realized the people I spent the most time with were nothing like me. That I was not learning, gaining, or benefiting from their presence, and more so I was kind of like a feeding source for most. Yikes! In a pit of vampires. I didn’t like what I saw. It became agonizing and I prayed for more. More substance, more understanding, something to snap me up and out of this bad dream.

I stopped partying, stopped drinking,¬†stopped partner sexing (in exchange for self-loving)¬†and soon there was nothing that I shared in common with the hundreds of people I’d meet up with one way or another as I shared my socialite status amongst the masses of my small city. Had the money, the connections, the education, and the looks (still have the looks ūüėČ ) but none of it. not one bit of it was fulfilling nor providing me anything that I required to move up in the ranks of my own hierarchy of wisdom. So I turned my back to it all. One by one, person by person. And it was surprisingly easy for me to disconnect from all the people — they were only serving as a distraction from my own truth.

And that’s when all the fun began. As I devoted myself to JzS Christ and began to walk the narrow path, I see and experience an amount of joy incomprehensible! An infinite amount of love that just pours through me and into my now moment that allows for such clarity and peace within my every moment …of allowability.

For me, the awakening process has shown itself to me in glimpses – as much as I’ve asked and prayed, and fought, for a spontaneous awakening..that’s just not my path *sigh* I’ve trekked the path of without to within, quite likely a most difficult one if I may say so myself, but who’s to say any path is easy.


This is a concept of the physical reality (without) to the metaphysical reality (within). Example: you see the stars each night as you look up at the sky, the cars, the people, you read books and the newspaper. You have conversations with individuals and bounce your ideas and have discussions to gain greater clarity and knowledge for what you’ve come to learn. You drink alcohol, rely on your 9 to 5 job to acquire abundance, and live day to day knowing that you have to work hard to get what you want..or deserve. Now… imagine: the the exact blippin opposite. Oh wait..no…it’s not really imaginable, trust me, I’ve tried to imagine and all it does is create more confusion to link the outside world to the inside using logic and analysis. Nope. Don’t work. Stop trying. Just stop. Thank you ‚̧

For me, it’s a matter of being aware of Truth, real, authentic, metaphysical ionic Truth, and then going within to anchor this information (light codes) into my own being through¬†surrender… no, not thinking about it – just being about it. I’ve gained just as much as I can from the outside world. Experienced hanging with and experiencing self as one of the hoity toities, to¬†being with and as the ones¬†struggling just to make a dollar. Life in this realm is quite the experience, pure ‘ENTerLIGHTrainmENT’ (as JzS has coined it) with the proper perspective.

So as I journey within to find the peace that resides in my heart and radiate that outwardly, I hope you’ll join me on this Journey – consider this the Golden Age Memoirs of The Magdalene.

‚̧ Until Next Time…but there is only Now ūüėČ ‚̧

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well, well, well…


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Holy Grail, Mother of Kush! It has been quite the¬†journey since my first post! ¬†I admit, that year was a great year of transition leading to another phase of awakening and I’ve certainly had countless¬†revelations and experiences to confirm &¬†move me along this path of enlightenment. shwewh!

Intuitive writing has become a regular means of expression for me as I channel my higher self and other higher beings of love and light. it is truly quite amazing and astonishing how the information that comes to me is later confirmed in my experiences and some times through news sources as well. no I am not a prophet, but when truth is granted and recognized…well – then it is reverberated throughout the collective consciousness, and expressed, yes?

Speaking of truth…I met Jesus and turns out I’m his Magdalene. Well, ye know stories of the bible are with some truth, but it is not until reality is knocking on your door when one realizes 1 + 1 has never equaled 2.

Anyhow, when I first began this blog, I was seeking for truth hard core. I had spent the prior 4 years looking searching and asking questions as to why things are the way they are in the world – ‘my awakening process’ – and it had come to the point where information being passed to me became redundant…as if there was no more for me to learn! how can that be, right? well…it is accurate to an extent… I had gathered all the necessary information without¬†of me to confirm my suspicions and intuitions within. I didn’t necessarily realize this, and thought I could come to find the truth and get close to it by bouncing my knowing and information off of others who, to a very large extent, had no flipping clue what I was talking about. Couldn’t relate. Looked at me cock eyed. I was off in a world, down the wormhole..while still interacting with others in the shallow end. Talk about death.

Well, then I met JzS (modern day Jesus ūüėČ ) and it all began to make some serious sense as to what my experiences had been. Oh – and just as much sense it made, was just as quickly as all sense I could make of what began my ascent into the realms of truth and real life. Remember I mentioned having attained about as much knowledge as I needed without of me? Well, once we hit that point, it’s time for the journey within. And it has been painful.

In the beginning it felt like I was repeatedly placing my self in a guilotine each morning awaiting my head to be chopped off by mmm around 6pm each night. It has been …wooh! But necessary to every extent and then more.

There is a little known truth to those who have yet to cross the threshold and into the journey of enlightenment, that we must unlearn everything that we ever learned in order to become that which we are. ‘Wait..what did she say?’

Yeah..that’s right. Imagine, that if everything you’ve ever been told in life was a lie? From world history, to the ways your parents/guardians raised you…yourself? It was like a huge wtf sequences of moments for 9 months as I realized that authenticity is not the attachment I’d placed on my house, my car, my clothes, money, booze and mary jaaaane! No. It’s almost and exactly opposite of that. I had begun the process of unlearning. Talk about hell to unleash. Looking inward at oneself and seeing all those things that ya know…ya kinda brushed off to the side letting it collect dust pretending that it wasn’t there? But all the while that stench is getting louder and louder and it’s pretty much punching you in the face? Yeah… I didn’t wanna look at that stuff. I put it there for a reason!

Well, unfortunate fool (I said to myself) you will not progress with that smell trailing behind you. This is a purification, ya dummy. *Dammit!*

And it sucked. Not to say that those little demons don’t attempt to latch back on to me or magnify themselves..ohhhh they try…. but as I rise further into the Self that I am… it becomes easier and easier to detach from that once identifiable notion of ‘Me’ ….

My first


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To this I am new. The intent for my writings will so far be reflective and as a chance to provoke questions, answers, clarity to my experience.
My words and thoughts are not unique to the human world but my interpretation of such is personal, and locally unique to Me.

Know that my words will be written through intuitive typing.

Join me on this ride through dimensional time-space experienced by Me, as an aspect of We.

Let’s go to work.